While most elders will discourage you from video gaming, it is not a known fact too many of them that video games can actually help you earn a living out of it. If you are someone who loves gaming and is good at it, you can actually have fun while earning.  For a person who is interested in video gaming, most of these games will seem familiar in terms of its features and hence with a bit of practice, it will be easy to master the game. But, you will find a whole lot of competitors, so the point is you will have to be better than them to actually win the game. This article will throw some light on a few games which will help you earn or at least will guarantee a lot of fun time.

  • Dota 2

It is a multiplayer online video game and is very popular among video gamers. It is the sequel of Defense of the Ancients. It is a 10-player game where two groups with five members each are pitched against each other in a battle arena. The game ends when a team destroys the other’s ‘Ancient’ which is a large structure located in the opponents’ base. Over 178,000,000 dollars has been distributed among 2929 players according to the latest data available.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Commonly known as CS: GO, this game falls under the genre first-person shooter and is a multiplayer game. It has two teams: the terrorist and the counter-terrorists who fight each other. They will have separate objectives and need to be watchful of the other team while completing them. As it is obvious, there is a lot of violence but nothing brutally disturbing is shown in the video game. $74,000,000 is the estimated amount that is distributed among the winners. One of the major benefits cited by the gamers is that their anxiety levels reduced drastically after they started playing video games and using CBD oil tincture.

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  • League of Legends

This one is yet another battle arena game that can be played on multiplayer mode. The competitive scene in the game is one of its most discussed features. The game objective is to work as a team and achieve the condition required to gain victory. Around 66,000,000 dollars is used as prize money.

  • StarCraft II

Based on some science fiction ideas combine with real-time strategy, this video game was a major hit among the video gamers since its release. It has also received a lot of critical acclaims because of its engaging gameplay and amazing storytelling. The records say that $30,000,000 was spent as prize money.

  • Fortnite

The major impact this video game made on even non-gamers increased its popularity. It is basically a shooter-survival game. The video game can be played in different modes according to one’s interest. Around 26,000,000 dollars is used as prize money.



While these are a few, very popular games, there is a wide array of options to choose a video game that suits your taste and earn by winning. Examples of other games include Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Arena of Valor, Halo 5: Guardians, Call of Duty: World War II, etc. Though video gaming can lead to addictive behavior, one can try and discipline oneself to not be obsessive. Also, it is important to choose the kind of gaming you are actually interested in as it is not worth the money if you find the game disturbing.