If you want to create a nice logo that’s both unique and appealing, there’s a couple of things you should know and follow when you’re creating a logo design and choosing a logo color.

Don’t Ever Copy Another Logo

This may seem like an obvious and common sense thing, but it actually happens.

This is due to the fact that some designers want to save up time and make quick money with little effort.

However, copying off another logo defied the point of having one since the logo should be unique to the business and represent its goal.

Not only that, but it also puts you at risk of facing legal trouble relating to copyright infringement and other laws.

Don’t Play Too Much With The Fonts

The font is one of the most important aspects of the logo and more often than not, logos fail due to poor font choices.

Matching the style of the icon with the font you choose is a good way of finding the right fond.

Don’t forget to get the optimum spacing between words, a font that’s not used abundantly yet is readable and conveys the right message for the business, and don’t use any fonts that look silly and unprofessional.

Keeping a balance between bold and thin fonts is a good way to provide your logo with legibility. A huge advantage to any logo design is being readable at absolutely extreme sizes.

Lastly, suffice with one or two fonts but never more. Using too many fonts ruins the harmony of your design and irritates the eyes of clients.

Avoid the Use of Raster Images

In design, raster images, also known as bitmaps, are images that consist of a dot matrix data structure represented by grids of pixels.

They can be viewed on monitors, paper, and other different mediums.

Their problem, however, lies in the fact that they can’t be scaled to different sizes.

Since the image is made of pixels, scaling it to different sizes (specifically enlarging it) leads to making the image blurry and drastically reducing the quality of the logo.

This is why vector graphics are a better and safer way to go as they can be scaled to any size with no problems.

A perfect logo has the versatility to be enlarged to a banner size or reduced to stamp size and still maintaining its quality.

Have a Logo that Still Keeps Its Identity Without Colors

Indeed, colors are very important to your logo design, but make sure the logo still looks great in black and white before you set to colorize it.

Choosing the colors of your logo should be the last step in your logo design process.

Based on multiple studies, we’ll tell you about a few colors and how they improve a customer’s perception of the brand.

  • Red

Conveying strength and greatness, red is a color that induces excitement when it’s seen.

From aggression and fear to love and passion, you should use this color very cautiously in your logo design.

Some brands with red in their logo are YouTube, McDonald’s, CNN, and Heinz.

  • Yellow

Fun, creativity, and warmth are all combined in this color.

Positive emotions are represented by the color yellow, it motivates people to take action. On the other extreme, it induces tiredness.

Some brands with yellow in their logo are Hertz, Shell, Nikon, and Caterpillar.

  • Blue

Light and deep blue are categorized as cold colors. Keep in mind that in the world of design, colors and temperature have nothing to do with each other.

The reason they’re labeled as such is because of the sky and the water.

Blue is a soothing, calming color that helps people focus on work.

Some brands with blue in their logo are Skype, Dell, Ford, and Twitter.

  •  Orange

Combining the physical aspects of both yellow and red, orange puts two energetic colors together perfectly.

Some brands with orange in their logo are Nickelodeon, Crush, Harley-Davidson, and Fanta.

  • Green

Representing nature, freshness, healthiness, and sport, green conveys peace of mind and productivity.

It’s not as calming as blue, aggressive as yellow, or exciting as red. This makes it very simple and harmonious.

Some brands with green in their logo are Spotify, Android, Whole Foods, and British Petroleum (BP).

  •  Violet

Violet has always been known to represent aristocracy and royalty. Not only that but also spirituality and magic.

Like red, it’s associated with power, but with noble connotations.

It’s considered a cold color like blue, however, it doesn’t increase the nervous system’s activity.

Some brands with violet in their logo are T-Mobile, Yahoo, Taco Bell, and Craigslist.

In Conclusion

You can work with a single color or combine two colors together (like the mixture of red and yellow to induce hunger as you can see in the logo of McDonald’s).

Just make sure that if you’re using more than two colors or shades, you keep a balanced combination.